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Tips on Choosing a Therapist


Tips on Choosing a Therapist

Finding a clinician who is a good fit for you can be a cumbersome and overwhelming process! Here are some tips to help you make the best choice for you


  • Research indicates that for most issues it is not the particular approach but the therapeutic relationship that is the stronger predictor of treatment success. 

  • It can help to speak with a few clinicians to get a sense of fit - it's a very important relationship!

  • Ask ANY question you want! There are no wrong questions to ask. Trust yourself that if you're curious or concerned about something, it is important. A clinician's response to your questions will provide a further sense of fit.

  • Notice how you feel as you read the clinician's bio/website, talk with them on the phone, or meet in person. 

  • While it may take time to build a connection, at the outset you should feel heard and understood, and experience them as skilled and trustworthy.  

  • Above all else, trust your intuition!!

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