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Having Trouble Finding a Clinician of Color?

You are not alone! Clinicians of color are severely under-represented in the U.S. For example, in comparing a recent study by the APA and a recent US Census Study, LatinX psychologists comprise 4% of the field but over 18% of the general population. Black psychologists comprise 4% of the field but over 13% of the general population. Asian psychologists comprise 4% of the field but 6% of the general population. And the "two races or more" catch all category into which I fall (which to me feels more like the " we don't know what to do with this" category), reflects 2% of psychologists and nearly 3% of the general population. The APA study frames its finding in a positive light while neglecting to mention that despite the positive growth in the field, this remains a very serious problem and source of disparity in our field and in our country.

Not only are these disparities problematic, but finding existing clinicians of color (and if we're going for those who take our insurance its even tricker!) can be incredibly difficult. This is why Christina Caron published an article with the New York Times about this issue. She provides links to numerous websites offering resources and helping connect you with clinicians of color, such as the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network, and Therapy for Black Men. I think this is a great resource, please check it out (link below) if interested.

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